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Smoke Alarms

Last month? Last year? Can't remember? If you're not sure your smoke alarms are working, then how can you be sure you'll be protected if a fire breaks out? Don't gamble with your life and assume your smoke alarms are working.

Test each one, every month, so you'll know they'll be ready to protect you and your family if there's a fire. Test your alarm for life.


The East Alabama Water, Sewer, and Fire District is excited to announce our smoke alarm campaign is beginning. We recently received over 1,000 smoke alarms to distribute to our fire customers. The funds received to purchase these smoke alarms were partially obtained from a competitive grant program.

The East Alabama Fire District has proudly installed smoke alarms for it's customers for many years. This new shipment of smoke alarms will allow the District to continue this service.

The East Alabama Water, Sewer, and Fire District will gladly come to your residence anytime by appointment. However, beginning July 18th, 2017 Firefighters will begin going door to door to assist in installing smoke alarms and/or changing batteries free of charge. The door to door campaign will take place at different times and within different areas of the community. Please like and follow us on Facebook to learn the times and locations firefighters will be out in the community. We will update it regularly. If we come by your home and you are not there, don't worry we will leave a door hanger with all of our information. Please remember any East Alabama Water, Sewer, and Fire District customer who pays fire protection fees can call and schedule an appointment at anytime. We look forward to seeing you soon!